First Step Review


Step One:  Please select one answer for each of the following questions.

1. Have you had any management training? Yes No

2. Do you have any management experience? Yes No

3. How many years of management experience do you have in the type of business the loan will benefit?
0 Years 1-2 Years   3-4 Years   5-6 Years  7+ Years

4.  Do you have an experienced, successful management force assisting you? Yes No

If you do not have management experience related to this type of business and you do not have an experienced, successful management force assisting you, chances of finding a lender may not be very good.

5.  If you are going to manage the business, will you do it as a full-time venture? Yes No

Step Two:  Press "Send Score" and your management score will be placed in the left-hand frame.

Step Three:  Print this page for your records before proceeding. 

Step Four:  After you have printed your management experience, please proceed to the next section by clicking on "Management" in the left-hand column or the arrow to the right.

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