First Step Review


Step One:  Fill in the first two boxes of the following table, then press "Compute" to calculate your projected monthly payment.  In the "# of Payments" box, make sure you list the total number of payments and not the number of years.  If your loan is for 15 years, your number of payments would be 180. Please enter numbers rounded to nearest dollar and omit punctuation, for example: for $100,000.00, please enter 100000.

Loan Amount must be entered from beginning of worksheet

# of Monthly
Rate (%)

Step Two:  Answer the following questions.

1.  Projected monthly net profit (after ALL expenses) before taxes.

2.  Now compare your monthly payment with your projected net profit.  Will your future profits provide for the repayment? Yes      No

3.  Do you have a well-written developed business plan? Yes      No

If yes, has someone knowledgeable about business reviewed and commented about your plan? Yes      No

If suggestions for improving the plan were made, did you adopt any of the suggestions? Yes      No
If no, following are several resources for writing and improving your business plan: SBA Business Plans  and SCORE: 'Templates for Your Business'. .  When you are finished reviewing the websites, simply close the window.  Each of the links initiates a new window.

4.  Is there enough profit for you to live on? Yes      No

If no, can you make additional money from other means to survive until the business can provide a livable existence? Yes      No

Step Two:  Press "Send Score" and your Repayment Ability score will be placed in the left-hand frame.

Step Three:  Print this page for your records before proceeding. 

Step Four:  After you have printed your repayment ability information, please proceed to the next section by clicking on "Equity" in the left-hand column or the arrow to the right.

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